Phenolic Resin Work Surfaces

Choose from a diverse collection of storage products. Available in numerous configurations and sizes, with countless options.

Mott’s painted laboratory casework has a thermosetting laboratory grade power coating that delivers exceptional chemical and scratch resistance, excellent hardness, adhesion and a quality finish. Several colors are available through Mott’s standard color selection chart, and we also have the capability to custom match colors when required. All colors are quality controlled with micro-processor technology to ensure consistent color.


Designed For Demanding Labs

Phenolic resin brings together the very best intrinsic attributes: extreme resistance to the most aggressive chemicals, natural strength, long-lasting durability, and an easy-to-clean surface. Phenolic resin work surfaces for benches, tables, and cabinets are perfect for all types of laboratories such as chemical, research, pharmaceutical, hospital, mechanical, school science, as well as kitchens and the food industry.

When total protection and durability are needed, count on Mott’s phenolic resin products to deliver on every level. Every phenolic resin countertop is custom designed and fabricated at our facility and meets SEFA 3 standards. With options such as:

  • Black core or color through core available, in a variety of standard surface colors
  • ¾” thick (19 mm) and 1” thick (25 mm)
  • Polished finished edges with a 1/8″ bevel (3.175 mm)
  • Counter tops are available up to 12’ lengths
  • Undercounter mounted or lipped drop-in epoxy sinks available
  • Epoxy sinks are available in a variety of sizes and color options

Chemical, Impact & Scratch Resistant

Phenolic resin work surfaces have excellent chemical resistance to solvents, most acids, and the most aggressive chemicals. They are durable offering a significantly higher resistance to scratching, impact, and abrasion.

Easy to Sanitize

They are ideally suited for environments that require a high degree of cleanliness, as they can be easily disinfected and do not support the growth of bacteria.

Heat & Moisture Resistant

Phenolic resin lab countertops are flame retardant; they can endure continuous heat exposure up to 350°F. In addition, these tops are moisture resistant and impervious to mold and rot.

Budget Friendly

Phenolic resin is cost-effective compared to other comparable materials and typically easy to procure. It is lighter weight than epoxy which leads to reduced installation costs, easy to cut in the field, and lightweight which makes relocation easier within the lab.

Design With Style

In addition to traditional phenolic resin with a black core, you can bring style to your lab with a solid core. A two-sided panel that provides color that goes all the way through so there is no dark edge. Mott offers a wide spectrum of phenolic resin from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

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