Fume Hood Accessories

Choose from a diverse collection of storage products. Available in numerous configurations and sizes, with countless options.

Mott’s painted laboratory casework has a thermosetting laboratory grade power coating that delivers exceptional chemical and scratch resistance, excellent hardness, adhesion and a quality finish. Several colors are available through Mott’s standard color selection chart, and we also have the capability to custom match colors when required. All colors are quality controlled with micro-processor technology to ensure consistent color.


Optional Features

Outfit your hoods with a wide variety of options: alarms, sash stops, sash locks, self-lowering sash mechanisms, vision panels, sash pockets, explosion proof electrical, distillation racks, tissue screens, pressure regulators, work surfaces, cup sinks, fire suppression, and more…

Tailor To Your Needs

We offer a full range of fume hood accessories to give your lab just what it needs.


Automatic Sash Operator 2 Plus (ASO2 Plus)

Mott’s ASO2 Plus system helps save energy and meet laboratory safety goals. The technology works in conjunction with VAV systems to maximize energy efficiency and laboratory safety and can be installed on a bench chain drive single sash fume hood.

Our ASO2’s are outfitted on our high performance NovaGuard™ fume hoods at Harvard University’s Science and Engineering Complex, as well as many other buildings on their campus. Click here to see a video Harvard University created on how to operate the ASO2.

Energy Saving & Safe

This system is supplied with the following features:

  • LCD touch screen control system operates and displays all system functions
  • Presence sensor and a motorized operated sash that automatically closes when the fume hood is left unattended
  • Obstruction sensing feature with optional light curtain


Integrated Variable Air Volume System

The integrated Variable Air Volume system is designed to provide variable airflow volume control and to ensure a safe face velocity for the operator. Properly used VAV systems provide a clear energy conservation advantage over CAV systems which consume a large volume of energy when the fume hoods are not in use. Switching to VAV can decrease exhaust volumes by up to 85%, reducing energy costs and carbon emissions. The system measures face velocity, sash position and automatically reduces the exhaust volume as the sash is lowered, thereby saving significant energy and costs. This system is designed to be factory mounted on any Mott fume hood  and supplied with the following features:

  • Enhances Safety – The combined VAV controller, air flow monitor and alarm protects laboratory personnel from potentially hazardous fumes and substances. Additionally, it adjusts to changing conditions in the lab environment, such as personnel in front of the hood.
  • Energy Saving – When the fume hood is not in use and the sash is closed, the VAV airflow controller reduces the volume of air exhausted, thus reducing energy usage by up to 85%, significantly reducing costs.
  • Flexible – Since the controller and damper are attached to the fume hood itself, it allows for mobile and stationary installation without requiring VAV dampers or system to be installed in the building. Only a simple source of exhaust is required, making your labs easily reconfigurable.
  • Reliable – The sensor will provide stable readings over many years of operation without recalibration, ensuring reliability and safety.


With this system you can easily and quickly relocate the hood to suit the changing demands of the modern laboratory

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