Exhaust Devices

Choose from a diverse collection of storage products. Available in numerous configurations and sizes, with countless options.

Mott’s painted laboratory casework has a thermosetting laboratory grade power coating that delivers exceptional chemical and scratch resistance, excellent hardness, adhesion and a quality finish. Several colors are available through Mott’s standard color selection chart, and we also have the capability to custom match colors when required. All colors are quality controlled with micro-processor technology to ensure consistent color.


GlassGuard™ Table Top Fume Hood

The GlassGuard™ table top fume hood is a compact, easy to install solution for less demanding laboratory activities which require ventilation. It may be used for a variety of smaller scale activities including weighing and dispensing, package opening and various instructional activities.
It is connected to the laboratory exhaust system. Exhaust air required is considerably less than a full size chemical fume hood.
GlassGuard™ fume hoods are supplied with the following standard features:

  • Designed for 100 feet per minute face velocities
  • 6” round plastic exhaust duct for connection to laboratory exhaust system or remote fan (not included)
  • Exhaust duct connection may be changed on site to be exhausted up or down
  • Ergonomic pivoting sash is sloped 20° to allow user to overlook the working area
  • When the sash is down for operation, the opening is 8.75”
  • Compact raised airfoil across front of countertop directs air rearward
  • Two utility ports allows equipment to be plugged into receptacles on adjacent benchtops
  • Optional LED lighting available
  • Tested in accordance with ASHRAE 110-2016 and meets industry standards for fume hood containment

Pivoting Sash

The sash pivots upward to allow tall apparatus to access work chamber providing a vertical opening height of 19”.


Canopy Hoods

Exhaust canopies are primarily used to exhaust non-toxic materials such as steam, odors and heat in a work area where the expense and capabilities of a fume hood are not justified. Wall or island canopy hoods are available in powder coated steel, type 304 and 316 stainless steel in various sizes with the following standard features:

  • Integrally welded construction
  • Integral continuous condensation catch edge and duct stub
  • Steel rod suspension
  • Standard fixed baffle
  • Optional light fixture available

Custom Sizes

While there are standard sizes for canopy fume hoods, we can design your canopy hood to your specific size requirements.


Oval Air Station

Oval Air Stations provide a ventilated workstation for student experiments. Workstations pull air to reduce odors, vapors, and aerosols when connected to a building’s exhaust system. Workstations are supplied with the following standard features:

  • Two 36” wide Maple Full Flush Overlay door cabinets with removable backs provided each cabinet has one adjustable shelf
  • Push fan provides constant airflow and is housed in drawer which is removable with push pin locks to allow for easy cleaning in case of a spill
  • Removable type 304 stainless steel perforated access panels for easy accessibility to electrical and plumbing components, makes installation and maintenance easy
  • Three fixtures (Vacuum, Air and Gas), plus cold water provided per side; factory pre-wiring and pre-piping down is standard to utilities below
  • Three circuits is standard, one per two duplexes per side and one dedicated to the fans
  • Two UL/CSA approved GFI 120v/20amp duplex receptacles provided per side; data is an available option
  • Indicator available to alert users if main exhaust system shuts off
  • Two single 16” long x 9” wide x 8” deep (ID) “D” shaped compartment sinks and two-tiered 1” thick black epoxy work surfaces provided
  • 3” x 10” rectangular exhaust collar


With its curved work top, several students are able to collaborate simultaneously on their science project.


Forensic Cabinets

Forensic cabinets provide protection for lab personnel from harmful fumes and odors generated during the treatment of evidence material. These cabinets provide a controlled environment for the processing of latent fingerprints on most nonporous surfaces while eliminating personnel exposure to hazardous cyanoacrylate fumes The cabinets contain individually vented chambers of various sizes designed to minimize airflow. Reducing airflow makes the fuming process more effective. Forensic cabinets are supplied with the following standard features:

  • Constructed of 45lb density particle board core with chemical resistant plastic laminate interior and high-pressure plastic laminate exterior
  • Both counter top unit and floor mounted unit provides three processing chambers, each chamber can be operated separately
  • Tamper proof self-latching stainless steel handles, type 304 stainless steel piano hinges and padlock hasp to protect evidence during the processing
  • Cabinets are prewired to junction box located at top of unit, four CSA/UL approved electrical outlets 120V 20AMP and one light switch and power cord pass-throughs are provided in each chamber
  • Chamber doors include laminated safety glass and vapor proof light fixtures in each chamber
  • For exhaust venting, the units are provided with vent outlets at the top of both cabinets at the rear
  • Both cabinets include one type 304 stainless steel perforated shelf in larger chamber and a hanging rod in each chamber


Bench top and floor models are ideal for print analysis and fuming processes using cyanoacrylates.

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