Specialty Cabinets

Choose from a diverse collection of storage products. Available in numerous configurations and sizes, with countless options.


Safe & Resistant

A wide variety of solvent, acid, vacuum pump, glassware drying, recessed operating room, and BSL4 cabinets are available as well as other specialty cabinets.
Available in powder coated steel, stainless steel or wood.

Solvent Cabinets

Insulated Solvent Storage cabinets are approved to UL1275, and meet NFPA standards. Uninsulated safety cabinets meet NFPA standards. Optional self closing doors and self-closing/latching doors with a fusible link are available.

Acid Cabinets

Acid cabinets have a molded liner and with chemically resistant adjustable shelf for maximum durability and long life. Fiberglass reinforced plastic lined cabinets are an available option. Vent kits are available for connection to the fume hood interior or a ventilation system.

Vacuum Pump Cabinets

Pump Storage Cabinets provide an enclosed space for active vacuum pump storage and reduces noise and vibration in the laboratory. Optional features include integrated vibration isolators to further isolate pump noise, cooling fans and custom vent cut-outs.

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