Sigma Frame™

Choose from a diverse collection of storage products. Available in numerous configurations and sizes, with countless options.

Mott’s painted laboratory casework has a thermosetting laboratory grade power coating that delivers exceptional chemical and scratch resistance, excellent hardness, adhesion and a quality finish. Several colors are available through Mott’s standard color selection chart, and we also have the capability to custom match colors when required. All colors are quality controlled with micro-processor technology to ensure consistent color.



Installed as either an island or wall assembly, this system incorporates a free standing core assembly from which upper and lower storage components and work surfaces are mounted on a sturdy leg frame structure.

With standard features such as:

  • Electrical, data and plumbing fixtures can be conveniently mounted on the center service core
  • Work surfaces are adjustable in ½” increments, while shelves are changeable in 1”
  • Lower storage options include suspended, mobile and floor mounted cabinets
  • Shelves and cabinets can be added above the work surface for additional storage


Using standard components, a wide variety of bench and service strip configurations can be readily constructed for any task. Create bench setups for a specific task, and then modify it for the next application.


An economic solution to get a laboratory up and running by first installing the laboratory work surface and cabinets for sinks and chemical storage. Later, additional cabinets are added as required or existing cabinets are moved to a new location.

Sturdy Design

The rear of the bench is anchored to the core while the front is supported by inset legs providing unequaled load bearing strength.

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