University of Wisconsin-Madison

Noland Hall, Integrative Biology Research Building


Madison, WI

Project Contributors

SmithGroup, JP Cullen, U of Wisconsin University Facilities Planning & Management Group

Mott Solutions

  • Heavy Duty Tables
  • Utility Hub Service Module
  • Painted Steel Casework
  • High Performance Custom Wisconsin Style Fume Hoods
  • Ceiling Service Panels

This project was a single classroom renovation project for the University of Wisconsin-Madison, in the Noland Hall Zoology Building - Department of Integrative Biology.

Our dealer spent a considerable amount of time collaborating with the university to design custom heavy duty, tables with both crank height adjustment and pin height adjustment. The table sizes and framing were customized to fit a tight classroom space and to maximize knee space clearance without sacrificing load rating.

The university wanted easy MEP access to the tables, so in conjunction with Smith Group and our dealer, we designed and manufactured Utility Hubs to sit on the tables. We factory pre-piped the Hub providing six plumbing fixtures with electrical and data connections added, all connecting with quick connects to ceiling service panels. The module only weighs a few pounds for rapid relocation, and it has the same quick disconnects and hoses used with workstations. The Hub also comes with a bracket option, so it is physically connected to the table.

Painted steel casework and custom high performance Wisconsin style fume hoods were provided. The high performance hoods include the additional feature of a Downflow Purge Air system. This system uses a multitude of axial fans blowing in a downward direction to direct room air downward between the fume hood operator and the hood chamber. This system is controlled by a custom made electronic controller which measures sash position to turn on the system whenever the sash is raised above the working height. The controller also monitors fan rotation and will provide an audible and visual alarm in the event one or more of the downflow fans stop turning.

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