University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Chemistry Annex


Champaign, IL

Project Contributors


Mott Solutions

  • Oval Air Station
  • Observation2™ Fume Hoods
  • Demonstration Fume Hoods
  • Maple Casework

The renovated Chemistry Annex consists of 52,000 square feet, two large labs for chemistry majors and seven labs for general undergraduate chemistry education, along with support spaces and preparation rooms.

Through a collaborative design effort between Harley Ellis Devereaux, Scott Laboratory Solutions, and Mott, a new teaching station was developed for the seven undergraduate teaching labs - the Oval Air Station.

The bench system provides a forward leaning air flow management system that sweeps the work surface of fumes and odors, providing a more pleasant and comfortable teaching and learning experience. The oval shape of the station and the center "services tower" provides easy access to power, water, and other lab services. The unit even comes with hooks for backpack storage.

Designed with four students in mind, the OAS encourages student collaboration while maintaining visual accessibility for students and teaching staff across the entire laboratory. The placement of the OAS maintains that accessibility despite the challenges presented by columns which could not be moved. Support services for the OAS station are provided by sink stations, mobile tables, and a prep room with a pass-through fume hood between labs at each floor.

For students that are concentrating on Chemistry as a major, the two "Majors Labs" are equipped with large linear benches of plain sliced Maple with secure, individual locked storage cabinets along with sink and service access at the ends of the benches.

Most importantly, the Chemistry majors are protected by Observation2™ double‐sided full view fume hoods. The Observation2™ fume hood provides for ASHRAE 110 containment levels and clear visibility across the entire laboratory for maximum student and instructor safety.

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