Pharmaceutical Company

Innovation Development Center


Midwest, USA

Project Contributors

Flad Architects, BSA LifeStructures, Messer Construction

Mott Solutions

  • Custom Fume Hoods
  • Tri-Access Door System for Floor Mounted Hoods
  • Altus™ Table Systems
  • Painted Steel Casework

These pharmaceutical laboratories were designed for agile flexibility, allowing team members to adapt their space to the immediate needs of the task at hand.

The highly adaptable laboratory infrastructure, furniture and fume hoods are able to be reconfigured in two to three hours, with additional time allocated for decontamination and recommissioning. These reconfigurations are accomplished without impacting other work being conducted in the immediate vicinity and with no renovations or construction.


  • ISPE 2020 Facility of the Year Award for Operational Excellence
  • Lab Manager 2020 Lab Design Excellence Award for Innovation

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