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Mott Solutions

  • Custom Floor Mounted Fume Hoods with Tri-Access Door System

To meet the specialized needs of this biopharmaceutical company we made custom floor mounted fume hoods. The double-sided hoods were made 96” wide X 102” high X 72” deep, lined with FRP, electrical and plumbing fixtures were provided on both sides of the hood along with pass-thru ports, and featured the Mott Pivot™ tri-access door system.

The Pivot™ offers unparalleled fume hood chamber access and efficiency in equipment set-up and teardown situations. With Pivot™, the fume hood is fully accessible. Slide one horizontal sash fully to the side of the hood, disengage the quick release latch and the door pivots to a fully open condition. Repeat with the second horizontal sash.

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