Presentation Description

The NovaGuard™ is the first true crossover fume hood. It combines the sightlines and ergonomics of a teaching hood with the high efficiency energy savings and robustness of a research fume hood.

Learning Objectives
  • Sightlines: Natural light, views, openness for supervision and safety
  • Ergonomics: Standing comfortably and safely
  • Added interior space: More space for science
  • Get the unwanted out of the way: Better location of fixture outlets
  • Energy savings
  • Dual use: The ability to use the same type of hood for teaching and/or research

Duration : 1 hour including questions

Credits : Not Accredited

Cost : Free

Presenter : Chip Diefendorf, LEED® AP l Director of Business Development, Mott Manufacturing
Chip is the Director of Business Development at Mott and has over 30 years of experience in the laboratory market. He focuses on high end laboratory architects and end users and understands the individual attention each project needs throughout its life cycle.

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