Phenolic Resin Laboratory Casework


Solid phenolic core panels are ideal for all types of laboratories that have harsh environments that demand extremely resilient products. Double-sided resistant panels are highly durable and long lasting, increasing the life cycle of your laboratory casework. When total protection and cleanliness are needed, count on Mott’s phenolic resin products to deliver on every level.

For Extreme Demands

  • Rugged construction and extremely durable
  • Excellent impact and abrasion resistant
  • Highly water resistant, making it ideal for wet and humid applications
  • Highly chemical, solvent and acid resistant
  • Will not rust or absorb odors, resistant to bacteria and fungus
  • Non-porous finish can be easily cleaned and disinfected

With hundreds of casework designs and countless options, we can provide a solution to your lab requirements.

DOWNLOAD Phenolic Resin Laboratory Cabinets PDF BROCHURE  DOWNLOAD Phenolic Resin Laboratory Cabinets PDF Brochure

Phenolic Resin Choices

Mott offers a wide spectrum of phenolic resin from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

The consistent quality of Durcon products is the result of well-engineered designs, superior service and top-notch manufacturing.

Formica Group is a leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solutions for commercial and residential customers worldwide.

Trespa International B.V. is a leading innovator in the field of architectural materials, recognised internationally as a premier developer of high quality panels for exterior cladding, decorative façades, and scientific surface solutions.

FunderMax is one of the leading European suppliers of derived timber products and decorative laminates (HPL).