Sigma Fusion™

Sigma Fusion™

Mott's Sigma Fusion™ furniture system offers a new balance of adaptability and design to the modern laboratory. This revolutionary system can accommodate the needs of today with incorporating adaptability to respond to the changes of the future.

Sigma Fusion™ incorporates an 8" deep slim line core assembly with cantilevered work surfaces that allows height adjustment for individual workstations to meet the requirements of a large variety of users, equipment and processes. Work surfaces are adjustable in 1" increments for ultimate flexibility.

The integrated raised distribution system can house utilities such as piping, electric, data and light fixtures. Offers quick and easy access to services while providing superior flexibility by keeping the work surface open to accommodate equipment and procedures.

This system is designed to accommodate suspended, mobile or floor mounted cabinets. Wall cabinets are mounted on the raised distribution system to optimize vertical space utilization.

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