Sigma Flex 12" Deep Island Cores Sigma Flex™ Wall Systems

Sigma Flex™

Mott developed the Sigma Flex™ system to answer the industry's increasing demand for flexible and adaptable laboratory space. Our customers can begin with the choice of a support structure from our wide range of island and wall cores, countertop uprights, single core frames, or wall rails. The next step is to design and build a custom laboratory by adding suspended casework, mobile and fixed cabinets, and shelving. All adjustable components are designed to be easily repositioned in 1" increments for ultimate flexibility. Integrate electrical, data and service fixtures vertically or horizontally or add one of our overhead service carriers to bring the services from above. Many other custom options allow the creation of an optimal laboratory that can be reconfigured for the needs of the future with minimal down time through the use of basic skills and without special tools.

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