The Altus Table System offers the right combination of flexibility, durability and affordability to meet current needs, while also allowing easy adaptation for future changes. Tables can be conveniently integrated into existing work spaces or located as freestanding self-supporting moveable workstations. The table frame can be quickly adjusted in 1" increments from 29" to 36" to easily adapt to new tasks, equipment and users. Shelves are height adjustable in 1" increments which delivers maximum adaptability to accommodate the requirements of individual users. Integrated services allow quick and easy access to services while providing superior flexibility by keeping the work surface clear of fixtures. Pre-wired electrical outlets and data are conveniently located on the utility channel and in the lower rear post. Each is designed to quick connect to ceiling mounted service panels; which decreases installation time while enhancing adaptability. Suitable for multiple applications and designed to withstand heavy loads.

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